Support for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Our Expertise

We are a boutique consulting group delivering customized financial, strategic, and management solutions and support for small and mid-sized companies.

Operational and Financial Reporting

We can help with operational and financial reporting include the following:

  • Analytic Development
  • Audit Preparation
  • Quality Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Productivity Measures
  • Projecting and Forecasting Models

Business Strategy and Planning

We can help with strategic planning to include business plans, strategic plans, budgeting, and forecasting.

Project Management and Compliance

We can help manage any projects, whether they are Healthcare Regulatory Survey Preparation, New System Implementation, COVID-19 Recovery Plan, or any other projects.

Financial Consulting and Turnarounds

We provide financial consulting to include planning and forecasting, financing strategies, and turnaround plans for struggling businesses.

Financial and Management Training

We will develop customized financial and management training for your business leaders.

CFO Coaching and Development

We can help controllers and financial managers navigate the responsibilities and politics of executive leadership.

Board Education and Development

We can provide Board education and development for non-profit organizations.

Circe Solutions


All of our projects are customized to meet your specific business needs

  • Analytic Development
  • Customized Education Plans
  • Audit Preparation
  • COVID-19 Recovery Plans
Circe Solutions